Blade Care

How to care for a high carbon spring steel blade

Rust prevention

It is much easier to prevent rust than remove it. If you care for your blade properly, you won't have any trouble with rust removal.

Avoid touching the blade itself. The human touch is very corrosive to high carbon spring steel. If someone has touched the blade, wipe the fingerprints off immediately and oil the blade as soon as possible.

Keep a light coat of oil on the blade to form a protective barrier against fingerprints and rust. There are many different oils, waxes, and pastes that will work for this purpose, but some are better than others.

We use Choji oil, which is a mixture of pure essential clove oil and mineral oil. Choji oil is an ideal protectant, as it will not draw moisture from the air, and it contains a natural rust inhibitor. A modern gun oil is also a good protectant, and is probably the easiest solution to buy locally.

Don't store the blade in the sheath or scabbard. Leather will hold moisture against the steel, creating rust.

Rust removal

If you already have rust on your blade, there are a couple of products that can help.

For light brown or orange rust, we use Metal Glo. Metal Glo is also fantastic for polishing brass, bronze, or nickel silver hardware.

For dark brown or black rust, we use a Rust Eraser. Diligent scrubbing will remove all but the most serious pitting.
Blade Care
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