Leather Scabbard Care

Care for Leather Scabbards:

When not using the scabbard at an event, keep out of direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sun can fade the leather color and dry out the leather.

Light rain is ok. Try to keep the scabbard out of a heavy downpour. The leather will hold moisture against the blade, and cause the blade to rust. If the scabbard gets wet, make sure to dry it thoroughly before putting the blade back in.

Use a leather moisturizer once or twice a year on the outside of the scabbard to keep the leather from drying out. The oils used to protect the blade should provide enough moisture to the inside of the scabbard. We use a Lexol brand product called Leather Conditioner but most products designed for briefcases or leather shoes should be fine as well.

Care for Tooled or Painted Scabbards:

The painted scabbards have had a clear coat added to the top that is meant for leather work. It should be thick enough of a coat to withstand normal wear and tear if you follow the directions above for regular scabbards.

When moisturizing your scabbard for the first time, make sure you test a small area of the painted surface with the product you are planning on using. Some products may darken the leather (and the painted surface) which may be temporary as the product dries or may be permanent, depending on the product.
Leather Scabbard Care
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