Maintz Roman Gladius

Most Early versions of the Roman Gladius were wasp waisted with a long point that combined cutting power and stabbing ability in one handy weapon. Early Roman Swords from the first century b.c. display a 'waisting' of the blade to improve balance and a long, narrow point. Even later versions (like the Pompeii pattern) were not waisted and also had a shorter point but were just as effective - and easier to make. Both swords served side-by-side for many years and it was not uncommon to find 4th century Legionnaires carrying either models.

Handcrafted from 3/16" thick 5160 high carbon spring steel with a full tang. Hardwood handle with high polished steel spacers. Complete with leather wrapped hardwood scabbard. Ships with a sharp edge.

29 1/4" overall with a 21" blade. Weighs around 2 pounds 5 ounces. P.O.B. is 2 1/2".
Maintz Roman Gladius
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