Teutonic Knight Crusader Sword and Dagger Set - SAVE $15

Its simple cruciform design made it a historically popular form for many years (900-1600 A.D.) and it was used by many European countries. The length of the blade made it not only easy for ground fighting but also made it long enough to use from horse back as well.

Both are handcrafted from 3/16" thick 5160 high carbon spring steel with a full peened over tang. Solid steel pommel and crossguard. Pommel has the black cross of the Teutonic Knights. Hardwood grip bound in black leather. Complete with leather wrapped hardwood scabbard. Ships with a sharp edge.

Teutonic Sword 43" overall with a 34 1/2" blade. Weighs around 3 pounds 1 ounces. Teutonic Dagger 19 1/2" overall with a 12 1/2" blade. Weighs around 1 pounds 8 ounces.
Teutonic Knight Crusader Sword and Dagger Set - SAVE $15
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