Italian Longsword

Based on an Italian design popular from about 1350 to 1650 AD. The longsword was useful at oposing light or heavily armored opponents. The long blade offered reach and leverage for powerful strokes, while the the guard and pommel were useful for hooking and striking. Against a heavily armored oppenent the "Half-Sword" technique was more effective. One hand would grip the handle and the other the blade itself. This would allow the user to better direct the point to more accurately thrust at the small gaps present in the opponent's armor.

Hand crafted from 1055 high carbon spring steel with a full tang. The blade's balance slightly favors thrusting attacks. Solid steel pommel and crossguard. Grip is wood wrapped in leather. Complete with black leather wrapped wooden scabbard with steel throat and tip. Ships with a sharp edge.

45" overall with 35 1/2" blade. Weighs around 2 pounds 6 ounce.

Matching dagger available.
Italian Longsword
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